Petchchaba Jewelry may not also be a luxury jewelry brand.

But If you are in the social of jewelry, You may know Mrs.Dear Pattamaporn. She have been living in diamond circles for decades. She decided to open a Jewelry shop to satisfy her personal preferences. “Happy Wedding life” has come to know the background of the Petchchaba Jewelry, we would like to recommend If you are looking for a quality diamond ring at affordable prices. This is the answer to meet your needs.

Petchchaba Jewelry’s wedding rings that are based on the customer’s heart ‘Best value for money and the most special’

“We associate in diamonds for ten years. I would like to share to the newlyweds who have just learned about diamonds. Have a good quality diamond jewelry.

From people that ‘buy’ diamonds to ‘sell’ diamonds.

“Petchchaba Jewelry is starting from the idea of ​​us that we buy a diamond and it’s expensive! (laughs), and then I want to have my own Jewelry shop. So I can bought a diamond in wholesale price, sure it’s cheaper. in that time I’m so happy to see many rings in my closet. but I did not think of any profit. I just buy it and sell it . I do not have to make a major income from here. I just have a small space. That is just my treasure. ”

“When I do it regularly, customers are more and more. I did not promote anything.Customers come from our friends, then they tell friends to friends. Timeflies they are many bride come to our shop to get wedding rings. We have been advised by our customers, and this is 4 years past.

“ฺBride and Groom, They don’t know about diamonds. We have to educate them. ”

“The main point of interest is the majority of the bride. They study about diamond when they realize that they have to be marry. The first knowledge is your own mother. But maybe it’s a long time ago and this is the new era, it has changed so much. But if you are in the social of diamond you will really know that the color of diamond between 100 and 97 is defferent and more expensive. But if you look with the naked eye. It’s not much different. It is a matter that we have to increase the knowledge. By comparison. And make ”

Wedding rings that you want to see every day.

“Diamond ring and Wedding rings, I think it feels different. Because wedding ring don’t need any diamond in it but it is more valuable than the 10-carat diamond ring. Because wedding ring is valuable for ur heart ur feeling. We want you to wear it. It must really suit you. That’s why. We have a diamond ring design for you to choose and try to put into 1,000 designs, as well as diamond specifications to choose from all levels. But confirm that. All the diamonds are on our standard diamonds. Special in Petchchaba Jewelry only. ”

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