About Petchchaba Jewelry

From personal obsession, “diamond” is the starting point for entering the diamond business. Mrs.Dear Patamaporn Teemeeyawet not only admire her beauty in diamonds. It also strives to deliver gorgeous jewelry to the hands of those who want to own diamond jewelry from “Petchchaba Jewelry” Petchchaba is a name that can be easily remembered. Chaba is the flower of the Ganesh, many people believe and respect, Petchchaba Jewelry has launched to provide quality diamond jewelry along with other types of jewelry together and what we create is a standard. The service is coupled with quality products. Mrs. Dear believes that buying diamonds can be bought anywhere. But what is important is customer care. This is a policy that all employees must recognize. At present, the company has expanded its business and services to include more such as sales, design and production. accessories There is a dowry for the wedding.